Aakron Xpress Box Trailers

Fusion Leisure are the Far North Agents for Aakron Xpress trailers.

Tradesman Trailers

The "Tradesman" range satisfies the needs of many tradesmen who need a sturdy trailer they can load up with
a ton of stuff to do their work, but aren't carrying the heaviest of loads like builders mix, cement and 'Gib-boards'.
"Tradesman" trailers have 14" wheels - 8x4 and 8x5 have commercial grade wheels, are tilting, and come complete 
with a mesh cage giving a total interior depth of 900mm. They are great for landscape gardeners, painters, electricians,
lawn mowers and so on. Our prices are unmatched across the industry - check it out for yourself.

Contractor Trailers

The "Contractor" range are the ultimate heavy duty trailers with floor panel of 2 or 2.5mm 
thickness and have a 70x50x3mm frame for extra strength. All wheels are 14", commercial grade
and these trailers are designed for builders who are wanting the best in durability at a reasonable price.
Ask us all about this fantastic trailers or talk to a builder who has one, and you will be convinced